Yvonne Cao

Yvonne Cao is a graphic designer, typographer, and educator. Yvonne Cao holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University. Yvonne has been teaching Graphic Design since 2009, she currently serves as an Assistant professor of Graphic design at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where she taught Typography and Interactive Design courses.

Yvonne Cao’s scholarly interests include cross-cultural design, branding, and typography, and the history of Asian art. In her most recent research “Visual Translation”, she focuses on how to facilitate a smooth visual transition in western branding by using typography. To move beyond traditional type design, her work introduces an innovative methodology for designing typefaces using existing Latin typefaces; it is created as an educational tool, which seeks to help graphic design students and type enthusiasts, with emphasis on designers who are working for cross-cultural branding. Her professional graphic design work has received recognition from AIGA, American Advertising Federation and HOW magazine.