Satya Rajpurohit

Congratulations to Satya Rajpurohit, the first winner of the SOTA Catalyst Award. The award was created to recognize a person 30 years of age or younger who has shown both achievement and future promise in the field of typography.

The competition was very close, with 55 entries submitted from 20 different countries. Satya’s work was selected by the committee as representing the outstanding quality required by the award, and as meeting the spirit of its purpose as well. He has been notified of the award and has confirmed that he will speak at TypeCon2010 in Los Angeles.

Satya is co-founder of the Indian Type Foundry (ITF) in Ahmedabad, India. He studied at the National Institute of Design (NID) in India and interned with Linotype in Germany. He has also worked at Dalton Maag and L2M3. He now works full time at ITF, creating original fonts in all the major Indian scripts along with their Latin companions.