This year’s incredible conference program is really coming together. Dozens of the brightest names in type and design will be sharing their knowledge and skills during TypeCon2011, including:

Lynne Baggett, Ed Benguiat, William Berkson, David Berlow, John D. Berry, Scott Boms, Veronika Burian, Aaron Carámbula, Matthew Carter, Nancy Sharon Collins, Viviana Cordova, Bill Davis, Carolina de Bartolo, Luke Dorny, John Paul Dowling, John Downer, Angela Driscoll, Carol Fillip, Lorrie Frear, Mehmet Gözetlik, Will Hill, Jessica Hische, Otmar Hoefer, Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Mark Jamra, John Jennings, Kenneth Jones, Akira Kobayashi, Jenny LeBlanc, Gerry Leonidas, Ian Lynam, Grahame Lynch, Erik Marinovich, Ricardo Martins, Erin McLaughlin, Vince Mitchell, Anitra Nottingham, Sharon Oiga, Ketty Miranda Orozco, Leonard Otillio, Dr. Kayanna Pace, David Peacock, Thomas Phinney, Rafael Díaz Rey, Nancy Rorabaugh, José Scaglione, Juliet Shen, Neil Summerour, Guy Villa, Brian Warren, Jim Wasco, Marcin Wichary, and Onur Yazıcıgil

Presentations and workshops will explore topics such as: Japanese typography; the champions of readability; typography for the web; the graphic history behind QSL cards; book design and bookbinding; Fontographer basics; letterpress techniques; connections between lettering and lingerie; historic New Orleans print engraving; the lack of Latin typographic heritage in Turkey; glass gliding; and so much more.

Keep an eye on the conference program, workshop schedule, and special events pages for the latest updates and additions.