This year’s conference program is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Naturally, we’re eager to share it with you. We’ve gathered together some of the brightest names in type and design to bring their experience, skill, and stories to TypeCon2013, including:

Carol Aitken, Monika Bartels, Agnes Barton-Sabo, Aaron Bell, Amir Berbic, John D. Berry, Kurt Campbell, Matthew Carter, Jillian Coorey, Carl Crossgrove, Crystian Cruz, Bill Davis, John Downer, Colleen Ellis, Jules Remedios Faye, John Francis, Kalapi Gajjar-Bordawekar, Annabelle Gould, Frank Grießhammer, Patrick Griffin, Paul Herrera, Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Paul D. Hunt, Richard Kegler, Jeff Kellem, Jim Kidwell, Akira Kobayashi, John Labovitz, Alyssa Lang, Kevin Larson, Faythe Levine, Sam Macon, Ryan Mandell, Daniela Marx, Kitty Maryatt, Steve Matteson, Pete McCracken, Erin McLaughlin, Steve Mehallo, Jeff Moore, Bill Moran, Alejandro Paul, Michelle Perham, Matthew Peterson, Thomas Phinney, Kyle Read, David Jonathan Ross, Bill Sarnecky, Rob Saunders, Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, Adrian Shaughnessy, Paul Shaw, Jeff Shay, Miguel Sousa, Donna Marie Stepien, Neil Summerour, Barbara Tetenbaum, Bradley Tober, Nahid Tootoonchi, Augusta (Aggie) Toppins, Tricia Treacy, Ben Trissel, Greg Veen, Erik Vorhes, Jim Wasco, Laura Worthington, Fu-Chieh Wu, Onur Yazıcıgil, and others to be announced.

Presentations and workshops will explore topics such as:

The sound of typefaces; hand-lettering techniques; typeface hinting as design; moving from phototype to letterpress; the current state of web typography; open source font development; the work of W. A. Dwiggins; designing type with; calligraphic book jackets; Taiwanese type; accessibility and legibility; the affects of culture on typography; contemporary Iranian typography and poster design; OCR for Latin and Arabic scripts; why metal type still matters; vintage record label design; the reinvention of the Kannada and Telugu writing systems; responsive design using the golden ratio; the evolution of font licensing; resurrecting the type from the IBM 1403 printer; the roots of ornament; and much, much more.

Keep an eye on the conference program, the education forum and workshop schedules, as well as the special events pages for the latest updates and additions.