LetterfirmArriving in Portland earlier in the week? Join us August 20th at Reading Frenzy for the opening reception of Letterfirm. In association with TypeCon2013, Ian Lynam has curated this exhibition of international expressive typography, featuring some of the most diverse graphic designers and typographic artist in active practice today.

This reception is open to the public.

Participants in Letterfirm include:

Aaron Winters
Gail Swanlund
Chris Ro
Tom Kracauer
Thea Lorentzen
Scott Massey
Jiwon Lee
Masato Nakada
Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
Yasmin Khan
Ed Fella
Silas Munro
Ian Lynam
Michael Worthington
Jae-Hyouk Sung
Benjamin Woodlock
David Matthew Davis
Troy Patterson
Kat Catmur
Hiyoshi Inumaru
Alex Pines
Mylinh Trieu Nguyen
Micah Hahn

The exhibition runs through September 18th, 2013.