Closet exhibitionists, let’s kick it up a notch! In Los Angeles, we planted the Type Busking seed … in N’awlins we’ll grow the beanstalk! The street performance capital of the US will witness something unique: typeface designers flaunting their mad skills, showing the public at large that fonts are not only made by people, they’re made by people with moxie.

Got a laptop? Bring it along and get cozy in historic Jackson Square — whipping those béziers into shape and kerning ’til the Li-ion sleeps. Got a hat? Lay it down and make some clams the old-fashioned way — performing. Got guts? Oh yeah, we should’ve asked that first.

This year’s impromptu typographic performance is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, July 9th. Stay tuned for additional details.

See you on the street!