When the Society of Typographic Aficionados approached Hamish Muir and Paul McNeil to develop the identity for TypeCon2016, we were fully expecting something that embodied what MuirMcNeil is known for … a striking, cohesive, and ultimately modular design system.

MuirMcNeil constructed a systematic visual hierarchy that operates across all graphic components. The entire system is based on an extensive set of custom parametric typefaces and corresponding background panels, utilizing black and PMS 802C neon green.

The communication of information is driven by the content, therefore the visual structure vary accordingly within a set of defined constraints. In individual applications, different levels of information are emphasized or diminished as required, using predefined formats.

A layered modular type system named MMcN TwoPoint consists of 56 base fonts. Through controlled layering, these base fonts end up providing over 3,100 additional typographic configurations to play with.

TypeCon2016 Identity Lock up
TypeCon2016 Identity Monochrome
TypeCon2016 Identity Detail
TypeCon2016 Identity Type Variations
TypeCon2016 Identity Social Media Teasers
TypeCon2016 Identity Custom Typeface
TypeCon2016 Identity Custom Typeface
TypeCon2016 Identity Custom Typeface