TypeCon Clock

Introducing the TypeCon2016 Clock

Designed using nine typefaces comprised of sixty-six fonts from MuirMcNeil’s TwoPoint and TwoPlus type systems, the TypeCon2016 clock is a dynamic (and useful) addition to any desktop.

The fonts used to display the date and time, as well as those used in the background panel glyphs, are programmed to change randomly every minute. There are 4,356 possible overlay combinations. Users can also change overlay combinations manually by pressing any key.

The clock is a standalone application and does not require installation of the fonts.

Designed by MuirMcNeil
Coding by Alistair McClymont
Thanks to Tiffany Wardle for suggesting the idea.

Mac OS

The TypeCon clock app requires Adobe Air to run.

On versions of Mac OS X that utilize Gatekeeper, if you try to launch an application downloaded from a source other than the Mac App Store you may see a dialog box indicating that you can’t open the application. In this situation, you’ll need to override Gatekeeper to launch the clock.

After downloading, instead of double-clicking the TypeCon2016 Clock application, do the following:

  • Control-click or right click on the application icon
  • Select “Open” from the contextual menu
  • A dialog box will appear, stating that the software is from an “unidentified developer”
  • Don’t worry, you know us
  • Click the “Open” button

Download Mac OS Version


Coming soon.