Abbey Kleinert

Abbey Kleinert is a graphic designer, printmaker, and visual scholar. After finishing her Bachelor’s in Art in fine art and journalism at the University of Minnesota, she co-founded the artist collective and print studio Recess Press with five buddies from the printmaking department. In 2012, Recess Press was featured in the Minnesota Museum of American Art’s DIY Printmaking Exhibition. Since co-founding Recess Press, Abbey’s creative research has included exploring different DIY processes for printing her own and other’s graphic work.

Abbey spent the six years between her BA and MFA teaching art and working on creative projects around the Twin Cities. She finished her MFA in 2017, during which she researched the connection between traditional printmaking technology and the newer technologies of graphic design, worked on print, event, and exhibition design as Graphic Designer at the Goldstein Museum of Design, and wrote a thesis to prove that making is a form of research. She has won awards from the Duluth Art Institute and the University of Minnesota College of Design, exhibited around the US and in Brazil. Abbey currently teaches Graphic Design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the University of Minnesota.