Debi Sementelli

Debi Sementelli is a professional lettering artist and font designer based in Dallas, Texas. She’s had a romance with letters for the past 25 years. Her favorite moments are spent amongst pens, inks, paints, and brushes, wildly flourishing her way through an alphabet. In 2011, she moved from lettering artist to font designer basing all of her fonts on her own unique hand written lettering styles. She loves coming up with swashes, flourishes and ornaments to give designers a variety of choices to play with. She’s been fortunate to watch her fonts make the Hot New Fonts, Rising Stars and Best Sellers list. But her greatest thrill is seeing someone use one of her typefaces in a uniquely creative way. That feeling of collaboration is what inspires her to keep creating more hand lettered fonts. The next best thing is sharing her love of lettering with others by teaching brush lettering workshops.