Frida Medrano

Frida Medrano studied graphic design at Universidad de Monterrey in México. Her journey in type design began with a school assignment that produced “Kalnia”, her first typeface. When variable fonts emerged, in order to explore the technical part of the process, she designed “Jabin” a variable font with two axes that control the weight and swash of the blackletter. With this project, she participated in Tipografía México 2017, a type design conference that analyzed the variable font format.

She worked as branding designer in Anagrama making custom logotypes, and with a web design background, her main goal is to combine technology with typography to explore different design perspectives for branding and web. She currently collaborates with TypeMade, works as a digital designer, tries to finish her own type design projects and in her free time, she likes to read and watch a lot of movies and series.