Gabriel Solomons

Gabriel Solomons is both a practicing graphic designer and senior lecturer at the Bristol School of Creative Arts. Alongside working with design clients, he has been responsible for developing a number of trade publications that cover areas of film, design, fandom and fashion – all of which aim to further our understanding of collaborative practice and explore the wider influence of creativity in society. Alongside lecturing, he is currently innovation manager and book series editor at Intellect, a UK based publisher specializing in the fields of creative practice and popular culture. His current projects include both editing and art directing the ‘World Film Locations’ book series that explores the relationship between the city and cinema and ‘Fan Phenomena’, a book series that decodes icons of popular culture.

Born in the UK but brought up in the Middle East and the United States, Gabriel received his BA in Graphic Design from the University of the West of England in 2000 and subsequently went on to set up his own publishing company, Decode Publishing, and a multi-faceted media company, Decode Arts and Media Ltd in 2002 that specialized in a diverse range of projects which included an arts magazine, books, exhibitions, audio CDs, music events, workshops and consultation services.

With specialism in editorial production management, contract publishing and project facilitation, Gabriel has worked with a range of clients in both the arts and media over the past 10 years and has delivered papers, lectures and speeches on design, film and book production at various venues worldwide.