Geri McCormick

Geri McCormick is a wood type cutter and letterpress printer. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Painting. By helping her husband-to-be, Bill Jones, study for his typography exams in college, she herself learned typography. Immediately following college, they started acquiring letterpress equipment and type, and that is when Geri learned how to set type and copy fit type by hand setting metal type. When the Macintosh computer was released, they bought one and rode the cusp of the new world of computer typesetting and design. She taught desktop design and image making at Nazareth College, Visual Studies Workshop, and Writers and Books, all in Rochester, New York, from 1988 to 2003. Geri also worked as a graphic designer for 35 years specializing in book and publication design.

After many years of being away from letterpress she started hand printing again in 2008. She found it to be exhilarating working with her hands and putting ink on paper. During this time Geri fell in love with wood type because of the feel of the type and the wild letterforms that appeared in the typography of the Victorian era. In 2009 she saw an opportunity to purchase wood type making equipment. Geri and her late husband entered the world of making wood type in 2010 when they co-founded Virgin Wood Type. Ever since she has been studying the Victorian world of type design and offering wood type revivals. She now runs Virgin Wood Type full time.