Iliana Moreno Guzmán

She loved learning so much that she turned her passion into a career in education, and before she knew it, Iliana found her call inspiring younger generations to become agents of change.

Connecting the fields of business, type and design, she encourages design students, recent graduates, and fellow teachers to try business tools and discover a world of possibilities. In addition, she mentors entrepreneurs, business owners, and higher education institutions about the value of design.

Iliana has taught a variety of courses across seven private Universities in Mexico, including courses in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Development, Design Thinking, Innovation, Design Strategy, and one of her favorites: Type History.

One of the greatest lessons Iliana has learnt along the way, is that there is a common ground between design, business, typography, and academia, a place to exchange views, to learn from others, and to discover better ways to work and live.