Jess Meoni

An advocate for socially-charged design, Jess Meoni devotes much of her career to researching the history and artistic impact of the underground press, as well as other acts of radicalism and revolution. Her influences derive from all things rebellious and embellished—eccentric rock n’ roll album art, kitschy twentieth-century store signage, vintage novelty toys and trinkets, as well as 1960s sci-fi and horror comics. A firecracker in commercial and visual arts circles, she balances both advertising initiatives and her internal musings. With striking conceptualization, vivid color and copywriting that packs a punch, her feisty ingenuity illuminates the big idea when it comes to business solutions. She is currently the Art Director at SUNY Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY and resides in Scranton, Pennsylvania with her cat Sadie.