Olav Martin Kvern

Olav Martin Kvern set type at The Rocket using a CompuGraphic 8500 EditWriter. The automation “blocks” — chunks of typesetting code that could be inserted with a single keypress — he created there were still in use for club listings and classified ads more than a decade after he moved on to other things.

Those other things included working at Aldus, helping to document and then design PageMaker, programming Visio’s “smart shapes,” helping to design InDesign’s automation features, and writing books on PageMaker, FreeHand, Visio, and InDesign. He also wrote articles and regular columns for Aldus Magazine, Adobe Magazine, Publish, MacWorld, MacUser, U&lc, and other periodicals. He’s also worked as an illustrator, designer, and all-purpose graphics lackey/slave.

He currently works as a developer for Silicon Publishing, desperately trying to make typesetting work on the web.