Paul Herrera

Paul Herrera’s calligraphy and lettering training was done exclusively with Reverend Edward M. Catich beginning in 1967. Paul worked as inscription cutter and calligraphy seminar assistant with Father Catich until the time of his death in 1979. At that point Paul was invited to teach Father Catich’s classes at St. Ambrose University and would continue to do so until 1989. Paul also served as a faculty member of six international calligraphy conventions. Paul joined forces with John Downer in teaching a workshop for TypeCon 2013 and again in 2016. He lectured at TypeCon 2015 in Denver, and TypeCon 2016 in Seattle.

During his forty year career, Paul has conducted numerous lettering seminars for calligraphy organizations throughout the Midwest and Canada. He continued inscription work for Wichita State University and an architectural firm in Chicago as well as individual clients. Additionally, he was watercolor and calligraphy instructor at the former Davenport Municipal Art Gallery from 1973 – 1984. He now works full time in his studio and offers workshops in calligraphy and stone inscription.