Randall M. Hasson

Randall M. Hasson is an artist, calligrapher, instructor and speaker who has appeared on the faculty of Arts, Lettering Arts, and Educational Conferences in the United States, Canada, and England. He is the author of articles on a variety of Art or Lettering Art related subjects. His most recently completed project was the 24th (Centennial) Edition of The Speedball Textbook, which he co-edited.

He has spoken for the C.S. Lewis Foundation in Oxford England, and has appeared on the faculty of fifteen International Calligraphy conferences as a mainstage presenter and/or teacher with lecture topics covering Public Art, Art History, the Painting Process, Collaborative Art Projects, and the History of Writing including the recent invention of the ADLaM Alphabet which originated in western Africa. He is currently writing the history of Ross George, William Gordon and the Speedball story, due to be published in 2017.