Roxane Gataud

Roxane Gataud studied Graphic Design at the École Estienne School of Paris where she discovered her great interest in type design. She went on to earn a Masters in Graphic Design at the École Supérieure D’Arts Appliqués (ÉSAAB) in Bourgogne, France and a Post Graduate Degree in Typeface Design from École Supérieure d’Art et de Design (ÉSAD) in Amiens, France.

Type was always at the centre of Roxane’s work, but a graduate project in which she designed a poetry book utilizing both Latin and Arabic scripts is what led her to pursue studies into typeface design. “I couldn’t find a satisfactory pairing between Latin and Arabic typefaces. That was when I knew I wanted to design typefaces for my own projects instead of using existing ones.”, relates Gataud. From that experience, Roxane designed her first typeface Bely, which was chosen by the Czech type foundry TypeTogether for their Incentive Program and was recently released by the foundry.

Now working as an independent designer, Roxane has collaborated with the French type foundries Type Factory, Production Type, and Typofonderie. When she is not developing typefaces for other designers, Roxane designs her own typefaces. She lives in Paris where she also collects fruit labels, dinosaurs, and pictures of type in the wild.